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  Ron continues to add to his collection of FOREX scripts
for MetaTrader3 and MetaTrader4.

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2015 Holiday Lights Display list

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Christmas Lights are on all over the USA.
Where can I see Christmas lights?

Files available on our
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include genealogy utilities,
Windows utilities
some funny photos
we've received through email.

Deb's Monthly Review
Featuring festivals for travelers
quotes, links of the month, and more.

What Do Writers Do All Day?
(Deb's Writer Cam)

Some of Deb's short stories.

Deb has begun her genealogy section with surnames Seifried and Naughton.

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                 tree Ron's Genealogy tree

Start at Battles Family Chronicle.

Photos from Gadsden, Alabama
and Centre, Alabama.

Email Archives, arranged by surname.

Map of Garrett-Cardon Cemetery along with information and links to pictures.

A document of the history of the
Battles' migration from "England to Alabama"

Some very large scanned documents
might be of interest.

Family GEDCOM from PAF in
browse-able web pages
is now available.
I plan to make the GEDCOM downloadable soon.

The trip to Alabama cemeteries back in 2000 provided much additional information for surnames
Battles, Garrett, Cardon, Carden and McSpadden

musical notes We both sang with the
Bayside Community Chorus

It's been quiet lately. We miss it.

Local Color spotlighting
the beautiful Central Coast of California.

Music you will enjoy!
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The John Rutter

B.B. King,
Blues Summit

Cinema Choral

Diana Krall
The Look Of Love

Cirque Du Soleil,

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